The old students of  Dr.D.S.Raju A.P.Residential School, Bhupathipalem  wished and visited  the school on 23.09.2007 after a long spell of one and half decades, they have left the school. They wondered by that get together and shared their feelings among them. They decided to establish Alumni association of  Dr.D.S.Raju A.P.Residential School by the name ‘Bhupathipalem Residential School Old Students Association’ (Bhupathipalem Gurukula Ashrama Pathasala Poorva Vidhyarthula Sangham). They established this association there itself and elected the ‘Executive Committee’ with Nine (9) members. Later this association was officially registered. They conducted  General body meeting on the same day and  plan of action for the association was decided and some resolutions were passed.


Our aim is to gather all the old students of Dr.D.S.Raju A.P.Residential School, Bhupathipalem under one roof on one day. By the grace of this school our students were spread over the Globe. So many students were settled in key positions in the society. If they all met one day, how it seems to be!!!. It is our dream.

            Since the inception of the school i.e., from 21-11-1981  to 2018 our school admissions were raised up to 2410.



The objectives of the Association, which is a non-profit distributing society, shall be
  1. to promote contact and communication amongst members of the Association and between the Association and the School and other academic bodies/organizations and to provide a forum for the members of the Association for exchange of experience, information and views;
  2. to assist students of the School and members of the Association in their academic pursuits and professional careers; and
  3. to promote a better co-ordination and understanding amongst themselves and amongst the present and old teaching and non-teaching staff of the school;
  4. to promote social, cultural and educational activities among the members of the Association.
  5. to provide a forum of discussion on the problems of students, safe guard the lands and assets of the School.
  6. to promote and advance the welfare of the members of the Association and to improve their service and living conditions.
  7. to publish souvenir or magazine with a view to enlighten the members about the activities of the Association;
  8. to bring all the old students of the School under one roof; and
  9. to take up any other activity in furtherance of the objectives stated above.


The following resolutions were passed on 23 rd September, 2007 in the 1st general body meeting of the association.
  1. To award cash prize of Rs.500/- each to the meritorious students in all classes from 5 th to 10 th who stood first during every academic year.
  2. To pay the fees of poor students for S.S.C. examinations.
  3. To contribute in some extent for the welfare of present students and to develop the infra-structure of the school.
  4. To register association as ‘Bhupathipalem Residential School Old Students Association’.
  5. To create the website ‘’ to bring all the former students of the school on a single platform.
  6. To organize a ‘get together’ once in a year in the school premises, probably on school annual day celebration.
AGM held on 5th September, 2008
The following resolutions were passed on 5 th September, 2008 in the 2 nd Annual General body Meeting of the association.
  1. To take initiative for sanction of road from Rajapudi to Bhupathipalem Junction by the way of representations to District Collector, Local MLA, MP, ZP Chairman and other Political leaders.
  2. To provide purified water to students.
  3. To organize a Career Guidance Program to Class 10th students.
  4. To organize motivation classes by successful old students to 10th students.
  5. Decided to organize family get-together at school premises during ‘Karteeka Masa’ every year.
The following problems were noticed during our old students visit to Bhupathipalem on 5 th September, 2008.
    Except for 10 th Class there is no furniture to other class students. They are listening lessons by sitting on the floor.
  • Lack of sufficient regular teaching staff. Only six regular teachers were working and other were CRTs and Guest Teachers.
  • No medical facilities.
  • No purified drinking water is available.
  • Majority of the students are sitting on the floor in class rooms.
  • Except to 10 th class, the other students have no cots in their dormitories.
  • The roads to Bhupathipalem were not good enough to travel. The students and parents are facing lot of problems to reach there.