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Satyanarayana Raju was born on August 28 in 1904 to Datla Ramachndra Raju, an ayurvedic doctor and Achyutayamma in ‘Sringavriksham’ village in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh.      


The Founder of Dr.D.S.Raju A.P.Residential School, Bhupathipalem


The old students of  Dr.D.S.Raju A.P.Residential School, Bhupathipalem  wished and visited  the school on 23.09.2007 after a long spell of one and half decades, they have left the school…

Our Motto

Our aim is to gather all the old students of Dr.D.S.Raju A.P.Residential School, Bhupathipalem under one roof on one day. By the grace of this school our students were spread over the Globe…

Our Resolutions

The following resolutions were passed on 23rd September, 2007 in the 1st general body meeting of the association. To award cash prize of Rs.500/- each to the meritorious students in all classes from…

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